Cluj Innovation City1

1 October 2016

Cluj Innovation City

The Vision

Cluj Innovation City is the major project of our community for our community and the region.
Cluj Innovation City is bringing together the local authorities, the universities and the business community to foster the development of the city, the region and the country.

Cluj-Napoca has built a solid reputation in recent years as the most important development centre in Romania, second only to Bucharest.The city offers diverse assets including the leading university and academic establishment within the country, a leading medical community and the Romania’s foremost IT industry. These assets combined make Cluj-Napoca a strong regional economic development pole.

The innovation city requires a management authority responsible for:
• guarding of the long-term strategy;
• bridging political & academic power shifts;
• synchronization between local actors: public sector, academic and economic factors;
• ensuring local community interests;
• ensuring performance based management;
• attracting public and private financing;
• attracting companies & projects.

Cluj Innovation City Foundation represents the management responsible to carry out these requirements and to governance the future development of the city.